Zachary Hunter Vince was born June 13th 2008 with big green eyes, chubby cheeks and a congenital heart defect. Each day was a different challenge with little relief from the emotional and physical toll that was mounting. As our son clung to life…we clung to hope, prayer and the support that surrounded us.

Looking back, we find comfort and some healing from our ability to spend every day at Zachary’s side. Unfortunately, not all families have the necessary financial and emotional support to do the same. Some parents not only worry about their sick child but the crushing financial toll of long term, intensive hospital treatment and the expenses that accumulate with their stay.

Until there is a better understanding and cure for congenital heart defects and all childhood diseases, families will need immediate support so they are able to spend every cherished moment with their child. Sadly, we did not win our battle but many parents and children are fighting every day. The time spent at the hospital can be from days to many months, and we have created Zachary’s Mission to help these families during these difficult times.

Although Zachary was with us for a short while, we will always consider him our greatest gift and he will live on with us through Zachary’s Mission and our commitment to support these families.
Robert and Patricia Vince