There is nothing normal about being in the hospital with your baby and it is especially difficult during the holidays. Hospital families often feel isolated during this time and the thought of celebrating any holiday is the furthest thing from their minds. The goal of Zachary’s Mission Baby’s First Program is to nurture the emotional well-being of families with medically fragile children by giving them the opportunity to celebrate holiday milestones and preserve those special moments while in the hospital.

Zachary’s Mission Baby’s First gifts includes the following items:

  • – Board Book
  • – Hat (Baby Boys)
  • – Tutu and Headband (Baby Girls)
  • – Baby Legwarmers
  • – Bib
  • – Special note in celebration of milestone

Some items may vary based on special needs or restrictions of the child.

If you would like to help more families with medically fragile children celebrate special holiday milestones with their child, you can sponsor a Zachary’s Mission Baby’s First Gift for $30.