jinglejarIn December of 2007, Robert and Patricia Vince were given an empty jar and the book Christmas Jar, by Jason Wright. Zachary was born June 2008. Unfortunately, Christmas of 2008 his parents found themselves without their son but with two jars full of change. Through the help of healthcare workers at Children’s Hospital, they were able to help two families that endured hardships with their longterm hospital stay and Zachary’s Mission was formed. Zachary Hunter Vince’s short life inspired his parents to do something for others to honor his memory. This simple Jar influenced how that would be done.

The Jingle Jar Drive is now an annual fundraiser; to help families with critically ill children and to celebrate the beginning of Zachary’s Mission.

Join us for our Jingle Jar Drive! This is a fun way to raise money for a worthy cause with your neighbors, girl scout troop, church group, sports team, coworkers, customers or family.

What is a Jingle Jar?

A Jingle Jar can be a pickle jar, mayonnaise jar or wine jug ( How creative and ambitious are you?). Place a label on the jar and start collecting throughout the year! Click on the Jingle Jar label to print your own or email us and we will send you the file.

What do I do with a Jingle Jar?

Fill it with money/coins/ change. How you fill the jar is completely up to you and your group. Once you have finished collecting jingle in your jar, mail check or money order to Zachary’s Mission, P.O.Box 41, Greensburg, PA 15601.

What does Zachary’s Mission do with the funds collected?

Proceeds from the Jingle Jars will help families of critically ill children through the year. The more jingle in Zachary’s jar, the more hope and peace we can give to distressed families. You can send a check to Zachary’s Mission or make a general donation online -making note that the donation is a jingle jar donation. If you would like to share your money raising story, send a picture of your group and we would be happy to share your story on our website.

When Can I Start?

You can start a Jingle Jar at any time of the year! A special event, Christmas in July, school fundraiser, the possibilities are endless! If you would like to make a special presentation of total collected or have a story you want to share, please contact us. It’s never too late to start YOUR Jingle Jar.